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The Best Quarantine Looks For Men

The Best Quarantine Looks For Men

Right now all around the world, people are afraid to go outside and most of them are even working from home. In this quarantine period, it getting very hard for all of us to stay positive. Although people are doing their very best to stay motivated but apart from some of us, it is getting really hard for others to stay positive. However, the question is, have we tried all the stuff which can help us attain calmness which is required in this quarantine period. I doubt it! Remember when we were free to roam, go on date and chill with friends, there was one particular thing that took a lot of our time. Dressing as well as working on our look. Are you doing that? No, because we all are confused about what to wear. Being comfy is essential but why we always look for Pajamas, when we think about being comfortable clothing at home. That's why I have come up with this piece about the best quarantine looks for men. 

I get it that you are at your home where being comfy is more important than being stylish and even I think the same. But who said a stylish look can't be a comfortable one. It's time to break that myth.

The Best Quarantine Looks For Men

T-shirts And Shorts

The Best Quarantine Looks For Men- T-shirt and Shorts

The most common look that one can think of is a combination of a T-shirt and shorts. Very comfortable as well as a stylish combination when you match it with a loafer and round glasses. 

Shirt And Bermudas

The Best Quarantine Looks For Men- Shirts and Bermudas

Another look which you can try while working from home is pairing a Shirt (whichever color you like) with a denim or a cotton Bermudas. The accessories which you can wear with this look are a leather belt, a watch and an oxford/Canvas shoes. 

Tie And A Shirt

The Best Quarantine Looks For Men- Tie and a Shirt

So, you are up for a meeting and you don't know what you can wear. Nothing to worry about. You are in your shorts just pair it with a shirt along with a Tie. It will give you the utmost gentleman yet classy look.

These are the three looks which you can try in this quarantine period and do let me know, how these look turned out for you. And also, do follow my blog "wordsmyweapon" for more such content.